Welcome to Treasures of the Heart

Treasures of the Heart is a professional estate sale service business specializing in the assistance of planning, organizing, advertising and conducting profitable and effective estate sales for our customers. We meet all customer needs from the beginning stages of a sale to the end.

We handle all the details. With over 8 years of experience and hundreds of sales, we know what it takes to conduct a profitable sale for you. Our business is based on honesty and integrity and we will do everything within our power to ensure your happiness in selecting Treasures of the Heart to conduct your sale.

There is no such thing as a pack rat!!! Until we have met with you, don't throw anything away!!! We will go through the contents for you. Don't waste your time doing something that Treasures of the Heart will do for you. You would be surprised at the valuables found while sorting through what you might feel is junk!

Check out the"BEFORE & AFTER" photos on our ABOUT US page. They are an example of how a sale might look before we get started and then how it looks after be get in and organize for the sale.

Our sales are clean, organized and well presented. We like to say "it looks like Macy's but without the high prices".

Come to one of our sales and see for your self.